Leasing companies concentrate on selling and financing their own fleet and do not offer aircraft from other suppliers. But AerSource has access to all the aircraft from all the financing companies and so we can source the commercial or private aircraft you are looking for, no matter how hard it seems to find. Then, if you need funding, we’ll help you to find and complete the best financing deal.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We are in constant contact with all of the world’s top aviation leasing companies so we know exactly what aircraft are available, where, when and for how much
  • Because we are independent and can talk to all of the top aircraft leasing companies, we can compare financing offers and recommend those most likely to be a natural fit with you, your project and your airline
  • We can recommend which operational lease or finance lease offers the best value over the life of your operation
  • We will provide you with insight and an objective, unsentimental, independent opinion
  • We will give you access to our impressive knowledge bank
  • We can act as an impartial but meticulous supervisor of the deal from start to finish
  • We will add experience and negotiating skills to your existing team
  • We will introduce you to the best Irish/International/leasing/financial/aviation legal and accountancy people

AerSource focuses on two core services

One is sourcing the exact aircraft you need

The other is sourcing the best structured finance for it

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