Ireland is the global leader in aircraft leasing industry. We like to think of the country as a commercial aircraft carrier in the Atlantic, a position supported by the facts:

Ireland is the biggest aircraft leasing market in the world

And that gives AerSource unrivaled industry knowledge and access

  • Every two seconds of every day, a plane leased from an Irish company takes off somewhere in the world
  • Every year, approximately 2,500 new passenger and cargo aeroplanes and executive jets are ordered and half of these will be financed
  • In the next 20 years $5.2 trillion worth of new aircraft will be needed, $2.5 trillion of which will be leased and more than half of this will be financed by Irish aircraft leasing companies
  • Ireland is Boeing’s biggest customer
  • Over $120 billion worth of aviation assets are managed from Ireland (half of the world’s leased aircraft)
  • The international registrar for aircraft is located in Ireland
  • Unrivalled aircraft leasing tax, legal and accounting resources are available in Ireland


*Statistics courtesy of IDA Ireland

With over 50 specialised aviation leasing companies based here including 14 of the 15 largest leasing operations, AerSource is right in the middle of the busiest, most important aircraft leasing market in the world. That means we have access to knowledge, skills, deals, opportunities and aircraft that are not available anywhere else, including planes that are not advertised publicly.

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